Court of Appeal Quashes Sheikh Kamoga’s Life Sentence

Court of Appeal has today morning quashed and overturned the conviction and life sentence for Sheikh Yunus Kamoga, the former leader of the Tabliq sect on charges of terrorism.

Sheikh Kamoga and his collegues identified as Sheikh Siraje Kawooya, Sheikh Murta Mudde Bukenya, and Sheikh Fahad Kalungi were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by international crimes division of high court in August 2017 after being in prison since 2015.

The same court also convicted two other sheikhs identified as KakandeYusufu alias Abdullah and Sekayaja Abdulsalam alias Kassim Mulumba Ezekiel Muhanguzi and sentenced them to 30 years in jail for the same offence because they were mere followers and not leaders like Sheikh Kamoga and his colleagues aforementioned.

Sheikh Kamoga and others were convicted of  terrorism crimes after court found them guilty  of  printing fliers with the names of those targeted to be killed inscribed on them and distributed in mosques, holding meetings in their homes from where they planned the killings, sending of WhatsApp messages with pictures of graves, coffins, bullets to their rival groups.

Court however found them not guilty of murdering Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Ibrahim Hassan Kirya and other Muslim leaders.

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