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Crime Intelligence Chief George Chombe under Probe for Pocketing Shs500m

Security is investigating police director Crime Intelligence George Chombe for embezzling police funds.

Senior commissioner of police George Chombe is accused of embezzling over 500m which was meant to benefit the environmental intelligence unit of police.

“SCP Chombe used this money and now he can’t account for it” As source says.
It is reported that the entire unit has only 5 personnel with two cars only.

“This money was provided by Parliament to safe guard forests and natural resources country wide”. Source adds.

Source added that Chombe picked two cars from the department and gave them to his wife. A Toyota land cruiser and a Mark 2 are being used by his family.

He was also recently accused of disarming of good performing operatives and creating factions inside Crime Intelligence directorate which dangerous for national security.

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