Good Road Network Eases Transport, Trade In Uganda and Across Borders

The Government of Uganda under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has completely eased transport, tourism, trade in Uganda and cross boarder due to good road net work. In the past, Uganda lost a lot of revenue locally and cross boarder due to poor road net work.

What I can still recall is that around 1998 most of the roads in Uganda were not tarmaced and transport especially from Up Country to urban centers and Kampala was very poor and expensive. It would cost three days for example for one to travel from Kisoro to Kampala due to poor road net work.

President Museveni commissioning a fleet of multi-billion road construction equipment in Uganda. Courtesy photo

It was also very difficult to connect urban business to up Country areas because transport was very poor. Farmers lost a lot of money in their products because they could not transport them from their Home areas to urban markets where prices would be higher because most of the roads were impassable.

For example, Irish growers from Kisoro and Kabale could not transport them to Kampala where market was high because roads were very poor and ended up selling them to Kabale at every cheap price even exporting them to cross boarder like South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania among others was difficult due to poor road net work.

Even cattle keepers in western Uganda like Kiruhura, Mbarara, Ntungamo, Bushenyi, Isingiro lost market for their milk and cows because they could not sell to Kampala because of poor road net work.

However, President Museveni and his government sought wise and started on road construct, which has helped all people to access market especially in urban centers due to good roads. For example, it takes only 12 hours to travel from Kisoro to Kampala. Actually a person can bring his products from Kisoro sells in Kampala and goes back which people use to see as a miracle in the past.

Fly over project for the construction of roads in Uganda. Courtesy photo

President Museveni in his last three to four presidential campaigns emphasized on road Construct and made it sure that all roads connecting Uganda to other Countries are tarmaced. Good road net work has helped Uganda to achieve its development.

Reports indicate that in 1986 when President Museveni took over power and leadership only 987 Km of road were tarmaced but now over 5350 Kms of road are tarmced. The Government has not only improved road net work but has also worked on Railway, Air and water Transport.

Below are the statistics of road that have been worked on, under construction by UNRA and other road construction companies.


  • New Tarmac Roads – 4,363km
  • Old Repaired Tarmac Roads – 1,621km
  • Under UNRA maintenance – 20,000kms
  • Rural Seasonal Roads – 12,000kms
  • From 2015-18, 15road upgrading projects totaling km were added to the national road network
  • During FY 15/16 and 17/18, manifesto commitment, out of 700kmof road that was meant to be rehabilitated, 428km have been completed:
    Kamdini-Gulu 62 km ,Ntungamo-Kabale- Katuna 65km ,Mukono- Kayunga- Njeru 92.5km , Iganga- Kaliro 32km ,Nansana- Busunju Section I -30km, Namunsi- Sironko- MuyembeKapchorwa- 36km, Nebbi- Pakwach- 30km ,Kamuli Town Roads-22km , Fortportal- Katunguru -Ishaka 58km , Kyenjojo 50km , Hima- Katunguru- 58km , Fortportal- Hima 55km , Nakalama- Tirinyi – Mbale – 102km
    Road upgrade projects 2018/19:

    Tirinyi- PaliisaKumi, 67 Km, Palisa -Kamonkoli-44Km, Masaka- Bukakata 41 Km ,Kapchorwa-Suam 73km ,Rukungiri -Kihihi-Ishasha- Kanungu-78.5Km ,Kampala Fly-Over Project Phase 1 – 5km.


  • Uganda Airlines was revived, thus improving connectivity and promoting the country to the outside world. Four new planes procured. Uganda flag flying high globally. Generates income for country. Jobs created.

    Uganda Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft . Courtesy photo

Kabaale International Airport in Hoima under construction

Kabaale International Airport is located in Kabaale Parish, Buseruka sub-county, Hoima District in the Western Region of Uganda

  • Upgrade of EIA is 75%works for the new cargo complex completed
  • 72%construction works for expansion of Apron I completed, 85% works for runway, 12/30 completed
  • 84%of cargo apron done
  • Access and service roads 92%
  • Ongoing upgrading of Gulu, Soroti, Arua, Jinja, Kasese airfields.


  • Greater Kampala passenger railway services revived, average ridership 40,000 passengers per month.

Rift Valley Railways Kampala passenger train service

  • Revived southern route, Kampala-Port bell route-9km and resumed operations of MV Kawa. Rehabilitation for Tororo- Gulu- line 375 kmon going with EU support.
  • On SGR, project is ongoing.
  • Completed construction of 25new survey control point sites from Tororo to Kampala.
  • 97% of right of way survey and assessment has been completed.
  • Land compensations totalling to 85Bnhas been completed out of an estimated 534Bn.


 UNRA operates 10 ferries across the major water bodies in the country. These are:

  • MV Kyoga Ferry

    MV Kyoga II Ferry. Courtesy photo

Nakiwogo Ferry: Entebbe Municipality Wakiso district

  • Masindi port Ferry: Kiryandongo-Apac districts
  • Kiyindi Ferry: Buikwe-Buvuma districts
  • Laropi Ferry: Moyo-Adjumani districts
  • Wanseko-Panyimur crossing
  • Namasale-Rwampaga crossing
  • Sigulu Islands in Bugiri district
  • Mbulamuti ferry
  • Obongi ferry
  • Albert Nile 1 ferry

Ferries planned for procurement and construction of landing sites

  • Lake Kyoga for Namasale-Zengebe crossing
  • Bukungu-Kwagala-Kaberamaido on Lake Kyoga
  • Lake Bunyonyi ferry in Kabale
  • Lake Victoria Islands
  • Kikongo-Namoni crossing
  • Kumi-Katakwi crossing
  • New ship to replace MV Kabalega
  • Reconstruction of Ggaba, Lutembe and Butebo landing sites.
  • Construction of a new boat at Bukasa
  • Modernisation of Port bell and Jinja pier
  • Upgrading of MV Pamba and MV Mwanga


The government has constructed several bridges including:

  • The Jinja Nile Bridge

Nile Bridge – Jinja. Courtesy photo

  • Komolo Bridge

Komolobridge, located in Katakwi district 37km out of Soroti, linking Soroti and Katakwi

  • Alla bridge 20m in Arua
  • Enyau 15m in Arua
  • Birara bridge 32m in Kanungu
  • Kyanjuki Bridge in Kasese
  • Pakwara 15m in Nebbi
  • Nakyara in Nebbi
  • Ndaiga 40m along Bugiri-Malaba
  • Aswa bridge in Gulu
  • Nyalit Bridge in Kapchorwa
  • Sereto in Kapchorwa
  • Apak in Lira
  • Sido in Nebbi
  • Mitano in Kanungu
  • Nyamugasani in Kasese
  • Tungwe in Kanungu
  • Nalakasi in Karamoja
  • Goli bridge in Nebbi
  • Ruboni to access Mt Margharita tourist site
  • Nyangak in Nebbi
  • Leresi on Butaleja-Budaka road
  • Manafwa bridge on Tororo- Mbale road
  • Ssaki swamp crossing on Kaliro-Pallisa road
  • Kabale bridge linking Kyankwanzi to Ngoma in Nakaseke
  • Stable transport
  • Inter- fares connectivity between communities and regions.
  • Market access
  • Speed of trade Stable prices
  • Local tourism from the Jinja new bridge
  • Boost to the tourism sector.


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