Gov’t Mourns Death of Archbishop Emeritus James Odong, Sheikh Muzaata

Government has joined it’s country men to mourn the death of senior religious leaders; the late Archbishop Emeritus James Odongo of Tororo Archdiocese and the late Head of Dawa at Kibuli, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who passed on during the week.

The minister of ICT and National guidance Hon Judith Nabakooba said the two were outstanding leaders that worked hard for their faith,people and country at large.

“We send our condolences to the entire Catholic and Muslim fraternity.I call upon all of us to respect the legacy of these great Ugandans.” Nabakooba said.

She also called upon the public to keep away from selfish political speculations and propaganda and instead focus on how to emulate their legacies by being responsible leaders in all that we do.

“We need to learn from people like Sheikh Muzaata especially at this time of our elections. He was a person who never kept a grudge against anyone even if
they disagreed on anything.” She added

“I call upon all of us to rise above our political differences and put
peace and national unity first. Differences will always exist and it is the reason why people come out to present their manifestos and campaign. Different political thoughts and views are a key ingredient for a strong democracy and should never be a reason to fight one
another.” She further cautioned.

The minister also called upon stakeholders in the election to say no to any form of political violence.

She said all candidates have an obligation to avoid the use of hate speech and any form of acts meant to cause fear and intimidation amongst the masses.

“The riots that we witnessed and the unfortunate loss of life and property should never happen again.
Cases continue to be reported where individuals are being attacked because of their political colors and beliefs.
My advice to anyone who feels that they are being targeted is to quickly report a case to your nearest police post or station.” She said.

Nabakooba also called upon Police officers to always work quickly and respond to the cases being reported saying responding quickly and taking appropriate intervention will help to restore trust and confidence and avoid further conflict.

“I also call upon members of the public to always avoid situations that lead to violence. For example, the Electoral Commission has repeatedly warned everyone against defacing campaign posters.Destroying campaign posters is illegal and punishable by law.” She added as she has called upon the public to conduct themselves with respect and ensure that that we conclude the electoral process peacefully.


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