Mandate of Opening Schools, Other Institutions Lies in the Hands of the President, Nabakooba

The Minister of ICT and National guidance Judith Nabakooba has cautioned all people giving out misinformation about reopening of schools and other institutions to stop the vice or risk facing the law .

Nabakooba says that the mandate of reopening schools, churches, airports, tourism and entertainment centers lies in the hands of the President adding that those giving out misinformation to the public should stop henceforth.

“The mandate of reopening schools and other institutions lies in the hands of the President,”says Nabakooba.

She says the president met with the National Task Force members on
COVID-19 who briefed him on the progress being made regarding
the safety standards for key sectors such as churches, schools, the
airport and many others.

“I have seen a number of attempts by different institutions coming out to announce different dates of resuming
operations. Whereas it is not bad for institutions to continue with their planning and preparing for resumption of business, it is wrong for them to
continue announcing dates.” Nabakooba pointed out.

She said that Museveni will very soon come out to address the nation on the progress being made.

Early this week, the ministry of education refuted rumours that schools are going to resume operations soon. It called upon the public to disregard the misinformation as it will issue  information at an appropriate time.

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