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Police Bows to Court Order, Withdraws Its Officers From Bobi Wines’s Home




Police has bowed to a court order that was issued today morning by high court ordering them to withdraw their officers from Hon Robert Kyagulanyi’s home and have since withdrawn their officers.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said that police has accepted the outcome from the high court ordering them to withdraw their officers from the home of Bobi Wine and that they have since withdrawn their officers but police will keep Hon Kyagulanyi’s Movements under surveillance.

“We have accepted the court order to withdraw our officers from Hon Kyagulanyi’s home but we shall keep his movements under surveillance,” says Enanga.

High Court In Kampala today ruled that it is illegal for the army and police personnel to continue the siege of Kyagulanyi‘s home and directed for their immediate withdrawal.

Police claimed that the confinement was meant to stop him from planning the protests of the outcome of the elections but also to prevent him from breaking the law when he organizes processions to violate the guidelines of spreading Corona Virus in the country.

But the High Court dismissed their claims, saying that there was no evidence to prove their claims adding that if the claims are legit, Kyagulanyi should be brought before courts of law.

“These are all serious allegations of grave offences and it would be proper to follow the due process of the law in regards to all the allegations made against the applicant. The due process has been defined as conducting criminal proceedings against the applicant.” Said the Judge during the ruling.




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