Police Chief Orders Arrest of Officers Who Fail To Enforce COVID19 Guidelines

The Police chief Martins OKoth Ochola has ordered for the arrest of all police commanders countrywide who fail to strictly enforce the ministry of health guidelines meant to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

In a police message dated 25th August 2020, under ref, G3/4/55/476, police chief Ochola directed   all Regional Police Commanders (RPCS), District Police Commanders (DPCS), Police stations and Police posts, and copied the same message to the IGP, DIGP, CJS, All directors, All Commanders of specialized units, all heads of departments and all units to ensure that   enforcement of COVID19 directives is maintained.

Ochola added that laxity in implementing and enforcing the guidelines put in place by ministry of health has increased which has seen in the Covid-19 infections and deaths rise up around the country.

“It has been observed with great concern that there is laxity in enforcement of the Covid-19 guidelines given by the Ministry of Health, Many have not been fully enforced and this may lead to an increase in the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and endanger the lives of Ugandans,” reads part of police message.

The police chief adds in his message  that wearing of masks while in public places, taxis, bodabodas  and private cars has not been done by the members of the public, whereas curfew is no longer been observed and consequently, several bars, shops, arcades, private cars and passengers vehicles operate beyond the stipulated 9pm time.

This message is therefore to direct all police commanders to fully enforce the Ministry of Health guidelines against the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

“Take appropriate actions against anybody disregarding the directives and always endeavor to get evidence of such incidents or acts by capturing and organizing both video and photographic evidence to ease investigations and prosecution of offenders,” adds Ochola.

Ochola directed the alert commander to take serious action against errant commanders or officers who neglect to enforce the directives.

“Commander alert squad is hereby directed to inspect and take appropriate action against negligent commanders and officers.” says Police chief.

This development comes at a time when Uganda has registered total of 2,679 confirmed COVID-19 cases and twenty eight (28) COVID19 deaths.

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