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Traffic to Auction Over 100 Impounded Motorcycles

Police through its department of traffic and road safety have finalized its plans to auction over 100 unclaimed motorcycles which were impounded because of various offenses.

The auction is taking place at central police station cps Kampala after traffic department failed to trace for the owners of the said motorcycles.

Our sources at CPS told us the auction will take place this Thursday in the CPS yard adding that the exercise will only last six hours .

“We have tried to look for the owners of these motorcycles for the last six months but they have refused to come because they that they don’t have all the requirements to claim them.

““Instead they have opted to abandon the motorcycles at police and we can’t keep them more than that time,” said one of the traffic officers.

It should be noted that traffic department always auction both motorcycles and motor vehicles every after six months from the date they are impounded.

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