We Have Done Much Without Oil, Our Progress Will be Magnificent After Getting It, Museveni

President Museveni has promised a magnificent progress in all sectors when Uganda starts producing own oil.

In his address to the nation during the 35th NRM/A celebrations at the state house in Entebbe, Museveni applauded the NRM government saying that during these 35 years, the industrial sector has grown and what is needed now is to solve the problem of market, infrastructure is doing well and that Uganda has got a surplus electricity looking forward to maintain it.

“Industrial sector is growing but we must solve the problem of market. Infrastructure is also doing well. We have surplus electricity and we shall maintain that” the president said.

He added all are working progressively without oil and that once oil is put the performance is going to be very magnificent.

Museveni further said that this term the government is going to intensify the East African Cooperation so as to boost trade. “This kisanja we are going to intensify the East African Cooperation” He said.

The president also congratulated Ugandans for exercising a peaceful elections and NRM upon reaching 35years in governance.

Adding that NRM has worked on the grounds of pan Africanism

He also warned all those that intend to distablize the country that he will not allow them.
” I appeal all Ugandans to avoid violence because it won’t work” Museveni said.

The president further reminded Ugandans that violence and intimidation will not be accepted and called upon everybody to maintain peace. ” let everybody maintain peace and everything will move in a positive direction.” Said Museveni.

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