Wife Pinned In Murder of UPDF Boss


Relatives and friends have pinned the wife of late Maj Noel Mwesigye to have plotted his assassination, we have learnt. Maj Mwesigye was gunned down on Sunday night at his farm in Masinga village, Kikyusa in Luwero District.

According to information obtained by spyreports, Maj Mwesigye had traveled with his 15-year-old son to Luwero to check on his cattle and that is where the assailants killed him.

Sources from army say, the deceased was killed by people in security and were close friends to his family and that is why they suspect his wife had a hand in his assassination.

“Afande Noel left his home and went to check on his farm in Luwero and after he had reached, he received a call from his friend who is also in military asking for appointment and the deceased told him to find him at his farm,” says a UPDF officer who is also close relative to the deceased.

The officer says the military killer followed Maj Noel Mwesigye to his farm in Luwero and the pair had some good time while at the farm. The officer adds that even the deceased toured with killer through his farm and even had some tea.

“After like three hours of visit, the killer told the deceased to escort him as he was time bad,” says a UPDF officer. He added that as the deceased turned back, the killer pulled out the pistol and shot him thrice and died on spot.

The officer adds that the killer after his mission made one call before leaving the scene of crime. “To kill all the evidence, the killer went with deceased’s phones and pistol,” another security officer said.

Relatives and family friends told us that the reason why suspect his wife could have planned the murder is the movement and communication of the killer.

“How did the killer know that afande Noel went to his farm? It should have been the wife who connected the killer,” says another close relative to the deceased.

However, another military source says the deceased snatched a married woman and the husband promised to kill him. “After falling in love with Afande Noel, the wife told her first husband that Noel was his brother,” says UPDF officer.

He added that when the man realized Noel was not the brother but the husband, he threatened to kill him and we suspect he could have plotted the move.

When contacted UPDF Spokesperson Brig.Gen Flavia Byekwaso for the comment, she said, they have some clews about the murder of Noel but will work with police to investigate. “some people were telling us about women being involved in the murder but we shall investigate,” she says.

The deceased was staying in Entebbe, hailed from Sembabule, and will be laid to rest on Thursday.





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