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250 Cadet Police Officers on Knife Point over Forged Academic Papers

At least more than 250 cadet police officers could be knifed from the Uganda Police Force after it emerged that they joined the force using forged academic papers, SpyReports has reliably been informed.

“The investigations are almost complete and more than 250 cadet officers are likely to lose their jobs because they joined the force using forged academic papers,” a source from the office of IGG told us”

Another investigator revealed to us that most cadet officers joined the force using academic papers for their parents and relatives who died very many years while others obtained forged ones from Nasser road.

“Some people had different names on academic papers and on their pay roll sheet and when we were investigating we found a lot of ghost police officers in the force,” added another senior investigator.

The investigator added that when they went to Ministry of public services for verification, they found out cases of two different names bearing one passport photo.

“When we tasked the directorate of human resource of Uganda police force to send us the list of cadet officers who completed training between 2015-2016, the list had different names compared to the names on the pay roll,” said another detective adding that the names were totaling to over 150.

“We first halted those names from receiving their salaries for investigations until we found out those people joined on forged academic papers,” another investigating officer said.

Another female officer also revealed to us that some officers had documents that were not tallying with their age.
“Some officers presented documents where the years they claim they obtained bachelor’s degree couldn’t match years they sat their ‘A’ level exams. You wonder if that person first joined University and later went back to A Level,” said a source.

“Some people said they joined the force at 26 years but when you see their documents, they are 37 years and you ask yourself where they could have got those documents,” she added adding that the report is ready and will be presented to IGG Hon Justice Iren Mulyagonja for final action.

Ali Munila the head of communication the spokesperson of the IGG when contacted confirmed that the report is almost complete and will be released shortly.

Munila added that some police officers were victims in the report and may be subjected to punishment but declined to mention their particulars saying that the report is still confidential.

According to the law, when a person seeks employment on forged academic papers and earns government money and he or she is got, she faces criminal charges of forgery and uttering out false documents and he or she can be convicted between 5-7 years in jail and she or he is also directed to refund the money she has been earning.

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