Bobi Wine Protests Enter Day Two as Death Toll Rises to 20

Heavy security deployments accompanied by shooting of live bullets, spreading teargas, brutalizing people and killing others have rocked Kampala city and other parts of the Country for the second day as hungry Ugandans are still demanding for the release of National Unity Platform President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi as he continues to trail Uganda seeking for the votes that will make him occupy the highest office in Uganda ahead of 2021 general elections.

Robert Kyagulanyi was arrested yesterday by police as he was heading to Luuka district Busoga region for his presidential campaigns and is now detained at deadly police facility Nalufenya in Jinja with other opposition leaders pending their trial in courts of law shortly.

Road blocks paralyzed transport in city centers. Courtesy photo

When the news of his arrest landed to Bobi wine supporters in Kampala, business, transport and other activities went on stand still as supporters blocked the roads and started burning tyres. Security came in started shooting live bullets, teargas, brutalizing people and others were killed.

According to our police sources and Mulago hospital, the number of people who have been killed by security forces has increased to 20. Sources say by close of Yesterday, it was estimated to be 15 but it has increased and more are still dying.

Businesses in Kampala and other surrounding suburbs today remained closed as protestors continue to battle it out with security forces. Supporters of Bobi wine by 6:00am had started burning tyres and blocking the road and transport was paralyzed.

Rioters burning tyres and blocking the roads in protest of arresting of Bobi wine. Courtesy photo

Hundreds of people moved on foot from their homes to town to meet for their daily survival but were chased away by security forces that had sealed off Kampala city. Among the areas that were on tension this morning included Kiseka Market, Kasubi,Kalerwe, Salama road, mengo, Busega, Nakawuka, Katwe Nansanana,Mukono among others. By press time, security forces were still battling with civilians on the streets of Kampala. Transport was still down and businesses are still closed.

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