Indoja pioneer members in a meeting to launch the association some years back

City Journalists At War Over UGX.156M Airlines Money

Photo: INDOJA pioneer members in a meeting to launch the association some years back.

A serious war has erupted between Kampala City top online journalists and their leader over shs 156m Uganda Airlines cash bonanza, Spyreports can exclusively report.

Yesterday, spyreports reported a story how city Journalist Andrew Irumba the acting president of INDOJA connived with top officials from Uganda Airlines and swindled shs 156m which was meant to be paid to various online media houses.

According to some INDOJA Members whom we talked to say Irumba contracted them to run Uganda Airlines story with the hope of gaining money.

“Irumba approached us and said INDOJA entered a contract with Uganda Airlines worth shs 156m but will be paid after one year,” says one of the owner’s online newspapers. He says that Irumba assured them each online newspaper would be paid maximally shs 5m per month which will total shs 60m yearly.

“This agreement made this 24th December 2021 between Uganda National Airlines Company Limited P.O. box 432 Entebbe and Independent Journalists Association of Uganda,” reads part of the signed agreement.

The Agreement further says that the procuring and disposable entity shall pay the provider the contract price of UGX. 13,000,000 payable monthly for a period of twelve months totaling to UGX. 156,000,000 including all taxes at the times and in the manner prescribed in the contract.

“We ran Uganda Airlines stories for over one year and they have never received their payments,” adds another Online Journalist.

He adds that when they approached INDOJA President Andrew Irumba for their payments he said Airlines has never paid them.

“On several occasions we tried to engage Irumba on payments of Uganda Airlines but his answer has always been there is no money received ever since we started advertising for Uganda Airlines,” another Online news paper quoted Irumba saying.

Another INDOJA member says Irumba had given them top banner for Uganda Airlines and ran for over six months but later he ordered them to pull it down claiming that Uganda Airlines had no money to pay for top banner.

The same member adds that when they put him on serious pressure, he told them the contract with Airlines ended in April and there was no money paid. “We have now written to Uganda Airlines demanding for our payment because we did their work and we have the information that the money was paid,” says INDOJA Member.

Some of the INDOJA Members whom Irumba paid pocket change have also vowed to take him up saying that they want their full payments.

“Irumba told us that Uganda Airlines had not made profits ever since it started and for the work we did for them, we were just given a taken of thanks so let’s share it,” says another INDOJA Member. He adds that Irumba just paid those UGX. 5M for the whole year.

He says that Irumba kept telling them that big deal will come may be in the middle of 2022 where big money will be paid.

“If Uganda Airlines paid UGX. 156M them he should pay us our 60m for the whole year if not we shall join the rest of members and we demand our balance,” says an editor of an online newspaper.

Meanwhile we have also been informed that shameful Irumba has hidden himself after realizing that Journalist are bitter after knowing the hidden truth.

“Ever since this information came out, Irumba has hidden himself from us and even he can not pick our calls. He knows we can eat him live,” says another top Member of INDOJA.

He added that he has also refused to respond to their comments posted on INDOJA Watsasp group.  “Whether he goes where, we shall get him and he faces the law,” another INDOJA Member says.

Irumba has now become so shameful to the extent that he has ordered the admin of INDOJA one Bryan to remove any INDOJA member from the group who tries to ask him about Uganda Airlines money.


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