Fear at Kawempe Police Station as More 14 Suspects Test Positive for Covid19

Police Officers attached to Kawempe police station together with their families are living in total fear after seeing the number of suspects that have tested positive for Covid19 increasing on a daily basis.

According to police officers who talked to us on conditions of anonymity, the number of suspects testing positive for Covid19 in our custody is increasing on a worrying speed which has put our lives, families in a total danger of contracting the disease.

“Our lives and that of our families are not safe at all because we working without protective gears in a dangerous situation here at police,” says one of the police officers who asked not to be named.

Our sources told us that the 14 suspects have been transferred from Kawempe police station and taken to unknown quarantine centers in Jinja.

When contacted , Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson confirmed the number of suspects who tested positive for covid 19 but said that they have since been remanded to prison.

“The 14 suspects who tested positive of Covid19 have since been remanded to prison and you can contact the spokesperson of the prison,” says Onyango.

Last week Kawempe police station was closed for a week after one suspect tested positive for Covid19 and now 14 more suspects have been found positive of the Covid19.

Our spies added that police officers and their families are in total panic as most of their colleagues have been interacting with the suspects adding that the number of suspects testing positive for Covid 19 will increase because they were many in the cells.

“The suspects in our police custody were many by the time the one Covid19 suspect was found and now a week after, 14 suspects have emerged,” adds says spies adding that its  an indication that more Covid19 positive numbers are still emerging.

Our spies added that the remaining suspects in the cells have been violent and demanded to be tested and be taken to quarantine centers but unfortunately we as “police officers” don’t have testing equipment and we are still exposing ourselves to them through interactions getting their statements and other things.

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