Kampala Parents School Bids Farewell to P7 Leavers, Parents Advised to Guide Children on Use of Social Media

Kampala Parents has bid farewell to its former primary seven pupils who sat their Primary Leaving Examinations this month.
The fun filled event took place at the school main hall in Naguru Kampala yesterday Tuesday.
In his speech, Rajiv Ruparelia the school managing director advised parents and guardians to guide the children through the use of technology and social media during holidays to limit its negative effects associated with it.

Rajiv Ruparelia says parents need to regulate the way how their children use social media

Rajiv says with the current trend advancement in information technology, parents need to encourage their children to embrace it as a skill such that it can help them simplify life.
“Technology can only help us to reduce the time, increase efficiency and also to have an open mind towards it .I think there should be a good balance between using too much technology and not losing touch of social aspect of today’s societies”.

Kampala Parents school parent pauses for a photo with pupils

He added “we are still seeing many challenges globally where students are too engulfed to the iPads, to the computers and they lose a lot of social skills so there is still need of balance between the two”.


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