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Katwe Police Fire Takes New Twist as Six Officers Are Arrested

Six Police investigators attached to Katwe Police Station have been arrested after information leaked that they had a hand in the burning of the office of CID where a total of shs 80m and other sensitive files were allegedly burnt.

Last week on Sunday, Police officers attached at Katwe police station woke up in shock when they found the office of CID Gloria Rukundo was burnt and money taken.

According to our sources at Katwe Police, those behind bars are D/ IP Ejonu  the deputy in charge CID,  D/Aip Apollo Kibuuka, in charge lands,  D/sgt Nangobi Maria Chellin in charge Records , Detective Okello Moses, Detective Karim Bakole Manson the in charge exhibit store, Detective Chandia Forsca Prossy. Others arrested include Jamal a cook and one Mirambe a cleaner.

Their arrest  comes after CID Director Grace Akullo abruptly visited the station on Friday where she ordered for whoever was involved in the theft of money to be arrested and charged in courts.

Sources say, investigators are still  puzzled how the office which is in the middle of others was separately burnt and money stolen. The cause of the fire is not yet established as usual but sources say it was not electricity.

Insiders at police say the fire was planned by some highly detectives to have their mission achieved. “How can a cabin where money was kept got burnt leaving other cabins and other properties safe. The burning was selective,” says a source at Katwe Police.

Army, police clash over office burning

Police sources say when the office got burnt, LDUS who were on night duty broke inside and put off the fire. However, to their surprise, they were arrested on the following day when information started circulating that money was actually stolen but not burnt.

However, LDU commander blocked their arrest claiming they came to rescue the whole station from getting burnt. “How can you arrest someone who came to rescue the problem. If money was stolen let it be investigated but LDUS are innocent,” a source quoted LDU Commander saying.

Un answered questions in that case

Our spies who are amongst top investigators raised many questions to us that include, why the exhibit money for suspects are kept in the office of the CID,?  Why the said stolen money wasn’t be kept in the Records office under CID, ?  Is it the mandate of the head investigations to keep exhibits in her office,?  Whom does she share with the office keys,? How did people who stole money know that she had money inside her office,?  Why didn’t the whole cabin which had other things get burnt but only the place where money was  got burnt,?


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