Museveni Allows Public Transport to Resume Operation in Border Districts

President Museveni has allowed public transport to resume operation in border districts and as well adjusted the number of occupants of private cars from three to four, including the driver.

During his address to the nation about ways of fighting Covid 19 on Monday,  Museveni stressed that all occupants of the vechiles must wear facemasks in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.
He however said restrictions on boda-bodas, schools, religious gatherings, hawkers, arcades, salons and curfew among others would continue as the country continues to ease the virus induced lockdown.

“If the boda-bodas are allowed to transport people at this stage of the infection it may lead to further spread of the virus and may be worsened by the challenge of tracing for their contacts,” he said.
According to the president, curfew time will be maintained from 7pm to 6:30am

He noted that the reason for imposing curfew was not only to ensure security but also prevent the spread of the virus.
“The aim of the curfew was primarily to act as an enforcement tool to prevent high risk nocturnal activities/establishments like bars and nightclubs from conducting business and to deter crime under the cover of darkness,” he said.
“The idea is to discourage gatherings in homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. Going home early and staying home the whole night is part of the prevention. It means less mixing. The curfew time is, therefore, strategic to reduce risk of spread and preempt crime.”

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