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Museveni Names Squad to counter investigate CMI

President Museveni the commander in chief of armed forces has named a team of officers under Statehouse to counter investigate the activities and operations of the chieftainancy of military intelligence (CMI), SpyReports has learnt.

According to our highly placed source at State House, Museveni’s decision to put a counter squad direct from his office followed after a security briefing that some CMI officers had been infiltrated by bean weevils.

The commander in chief was briefed that some CMI officers have been wrongly handling cases and others turning into an opportunity to do their deals with city conmen and businesswomen.

The counter squad is comprised of Special Forces Command intelligence officers who have undergone high skilled intelligence courses from within the country and from abroad.

Recently, the director chieftainancy of military intelligence Brig Abel Kandiho disbanded his tracking unit after some section turned into a money making machine buy doing their parallel investigations.

They were allegedly working with city tycoons to track their cheating women and men and conducting unsanctioned arrests by their boss for tracking and arresting loan defaulters on behalf of money lenders in town

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