Museveni Orders Police Chief Ochola to Account For Stray Bullets Fired in Last Riots

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola  to carry out comprehensive investigations of stray bullets fired by security personnel during the riots which led to the death of about 54 people in Uganda.

While addressing the nation on issues related to COVID19 and security, Museveni told the Uganda police to audit the phenomenon of using stray bullets during riots. In reference to a manual he gave to the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola, Museveni also reminded the security personnel to only fire bullets when scaring away rioters.

“You should first fire in the air to scare the rioters”  he said.

The president also said that the government will compensate all those who lost their lives and were not part of the riots.

“Unfortunately, 54 people died in this confusion, 32 of them were rioters according to the report I got. Some were hit by stray bullets, some were knocked. TheThe government will compensate those who lost their lives and properties, but we shall not compensate those who died and were rioters, NO WAY. ” he said.

Museveni also assured the public that there will be bailouts for businesses that have been affected by the COVID pandemic; these include among others; private schools, the entertainment industry,hospitality industry,street vendors,etc.


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