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Police Bosses Clash over Cadet Officers’ Confirmation

A serious battle has erupted between top police bosses over the confirmation of over 1000 cadet police officers, SpyReports has reliably been informed.
Reliable sources revealed to us that the battle erupted during the last Police Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting that was held at police headquarters in Naguru and was chaired by Deputy Inspector General of Police Brig Sabiiti Muzeyi.

Sources who attended the meeting say a section of police directors suggested to Brig Muzeyi that he should write to Police Authority to confirm cadet officers who have been on probation for two years after their pass out at Kabalye police training school in Masindi district.

“Afande these young energetic boys and girls have really served beyond time and they need to be confirmed, Some will lose morale or even desert from the force which will be bad for us,” a source quotes one of the police directors as saying during PAC meeting.

Another source who was in attendance also narrates that shortly after one Director suggested that cadets should be confirmed a rift started from another side who opposed his idea.

“Afande i think my fellow director is somehow misguided on issue of confirming cadets. There is pending a petition before the Inspector General of Government (IGG) on the recruitment, academic papers among others so if police Authority goes ahead and confirm them before IGG releases a report it will be against the law,” another Director was heard talking.

The director further informed PAC that cadets should be confirmed after IGG has released her report. “We should wait for the report because some officers will be implicated and when they are already confirmed it will be hard to remove their ranks,” The director added.

Another group of directors said that cadets should be confirmed even though IGG has not released her report. If the report pins some officers, then they should be put under probe,” said another police officer.

The officer added that some few cadets should not deter others from being confirmed. “IGG is independent and can release the report at any time. You mean if the report takes five years, cadets will not be confirmed and even police will not recruit others,” another tough talking police director was quoted saying.

It is reported that after meeting turned hot Brig.Muzeeyi intervened and said, he will first consult IGP Martin Okoth Ochola for further guidance.
“I think IGP is a lawyer and knows the law, so let us all be calm i will consult him and if it means writing to Authority, he will do it himself,” said Brig.Muzeeyi.

These police cadets were recruited in 2015 under the leadership of detained former Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura. They were passed out in 2016.

Some of these police cadets are suspected of using forged Primary Leaving Examination and Uganda Certificate of Education academic papers. Others used documents of their deceased relatives

Police sources believe the IGG investigations were propelled by the new Inspector General of Police, Mr Martin Okoth Ochola, who is apparently inclined to clean up the police after the departure of his former boss, Gen Kale Kayihura.

Last year, IGG Irene Mulyagonja, had summoned 200 police officers at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASPs) over forged documents. The officers joined force in the 2015/2016 and 2014/2015 financial years.

When contacted Ali Munira the IGG spokesperson said that some investigations are still going on and that when they are done, the report will be released.

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