Sheema Municipality MP to be Kateshumbwa Donates Sanitary Pads to Girls

Excitement and joy yesterday rocked Sheema Municipality for the first time ever since it was declared three years ago when the hopeful Member of Parliament Dickson Kateshumbwa and his hardworking team donated over 1000 reusable sanitary pads to vulnerable girls.

The Sanitary pads were distributed by the team leader of Team Katesh Mrs. Jill Katesh. While delivering Sanitary pads to joyful girls, Jill Katesh said there is a high risk of teenage girls getting unwanted pregnancies since boys and girls have stayed at home for close to six months.

“Ever since government closed schools over covid19, girls and boys have been staying together and chances of girls getting unwanted pregnancies are high so we decided to give out sanitary pads to girls to reduce such cases,” she says. Jill adds that they started this initiative to support vulnerable girls who could not manage the prices of pads.

“More projects and initiatives to help people of Sheema Municipality are on the way coming. We shall not leave anybody behind, Sheema must be on the map,” she says. Some of the girls we talked to say, they were very happy with the donation of sanitary pads.

“We want to thank Mr. Dickson Kateshumbwa and his team for what they have done to us. No politician has ever thought of helping girls in Sheema Municipality and we shall also support him in any way possible,” says one of the University girls basing in Sheema Municipality.

We are really proud of our brother, Uncle and Parent Dickson Kateshumbwa  for what he has done to the young girls of Sheema Municipality I think God should reward him abundantly.

One of the local leaders and a parent in the Municipality told us that they are seeing huge development in Sheema Municipality with the leadership of Kateshumbwa. “I can assure you if we vote Katesh as our Member of Parliament for Sheema Municipality in 2021, we shall never regret. We just smell development in the area,” he says.

He added that Katesh delayed to come and rescue them. “If my son Katesh came last election, by now Sheema would be competing with Mbarara City but we are not late we shall get them in future as long as he is our Member of Parliament.

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