Stay Away From Nomination Grounds or Risk Being Arrested – Nabakooba

The minister of ICT and National guidance Hon Judith Nabakooba has warned the general public to stay away from the nomination grounds or they risk being arrested.

Nabakooba says this has been done to comply with the existing Standard Operating Procedures against COVID-19.

“Police will not hesitate to arrest anyone disobeying the guidelines.We have noticed some candidates mobilising their supporters to turn up in big numbers.This is wrong and I call upon the general public to disregard such messages.Please stay at home and follow the proceedings through the different media channels such as radio and television.” She said.

Nabakooba said the Electoral Commission has given each candidate a limited
number of people at the nomination venue.

She noted that It is only His Excellency the President that has been allowed a few
more escorts for security reasons because of his status.

The minister warned that the security agencies led by the Uganda Police are going to be extra vigilant in enforcing the laid down procedures.

Nabakooba notes that after the Nominations every candidate will have the opportunity to put forward their manifesto.

“Candidates are advised to maximize the virtual channels such as radio, TV and social media when unveiling their manisfestos.” Nabakooba said as she called upon members of the public to scrutinise all the manifestos presented.

The minister further called upon the presidential candidates to focus on selling their manifestos as opposed to attacking others.

“Candidates are reminded to be respectful of each other, avoiding
slander and malice.This way, our country will be able to sail through this electoral
process peacefully.” She added.