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Suspect’s Exhibits Burnt as Katwe CID’s Office Catches Fire

Suspects detained at Katwe police station and those who are on police bonds as their investigations are still on going are crying buckets of tears after landing on information that the exhibit store where items especially money is kept has been burnt.

According to our sources, the exhibit store for CID department is kept inside the office of the head criminal investigations “OC CID” which was burnt by unknown people last night.

Our sources added that it’s only the exhibit store that has been burnt an indication that , there could have been a motive for burning only the exhibit store .

“We are still stuck with the motive behind the burning of only the exhibit store inside the office of the OC CID,”says our source at katwe police.

Our source added that this is the first time this office is being burnt after over 10 OC CIDs have passed through the same office.

Our spies say a total of over shs 80M was kept inside the exhibit store and by today morning, no coin has been found there.

According to preliminary investigations, there is no electricity disconnection that could have caused the fire inside the office.

However other spies who asked not to be mentioned told us that, how can an exhibit store get burnt only and leaves other properties inside the office untouched.

Another source who also preferred not to be named told us that , if it’s not a planned deal, why should exhibits be kept inside the office of the OC CID? , when actually there is CID records office. The office is currently held by Asp Rukundo Gloria.

When contacted for a comment Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson told us that, he had called there to confirm but they were not picking his calls. “I have called them but they are not picking my calls,” says Onyango.

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