Irene Kagwa UCC ED

UCC Explains Reason For Slow Internet

By Chief Spy Reporter

The Acting Executive Director, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Eng. Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo, has explained the reason for slow internet.

Earlier, former Vision Group Managing Director, Robert Kabushenga, tweeted: “@UCC_ED. Madam, in case u don’t know, there simply isn’t enough bandwidth in this country. The little there is vanishes peak hours. Network quality is horrible & now u r levying 12% tax on a bad service. R we serious abt ICT being a strategic resource? @UCC_Official @URAuganda”

In reply, Eng. Kaggwa Sewankambo explained that: “With persons staying at home in this period, we have more usage of the “pipe” with bandwidth heavy applications than the usual annual peaks. This has resulted in congestion on base stations in residential areas.

This results in degradation of services, she says.

She, however, says efforts to roll out of additional sites to improve capacity have been impacted by challenges in obtaining mast construction approvals.

“This is significantly heightened by community fears about having masts set up in the proximity of their homes and difficulty in site acquisition,” she said.

But as efforts to step up the capacity of networks continues across the country continues, she says, the different providers in the sector are also availing alternative options to customers such as fibre to the home, satellite and other technologies in addition to the technical congestion interventions.

She noted that ICT has been prioritised as a strategic pillar to development thus the digital transformation program of NDP3, drafting of the digital Uganda vision, the UDAP with World Bank funding, drafting of the national 4IR strategy and the implementation of NIISP under the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.

In the next 5 years, she said, “we thus seek to 1) Increase coverage, 2) improve available data speeds & other quality of service aspects, 3) Increase number of people using the ICT services 4) Increase ICT services & applications and 5) Improve choice to the consumer.”

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