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UPDF General Joins Kira Land Grab Cartel, Orders Deployment In Defiance Of Court Order

A retired Brigediar General has joined Kira land grab cartel, Spyreports ha learnt.

The officer has been identified as Rtd Brig. Gen. Moses Shaban Lukyamuzi. Currently, he reportedly works on the Presidential Special Task Force on Land matters and environment.

In a letter dated June 17, 2022, Lukyamuzi wrote to the Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth Ochola alleging that he received a petition claiming abuse in the court order in regards to the land comprised on Block 185, Plot 385.

In his letter, Lukyamuzi said he had gone ahead to deploy army officers on the said land.

    Lukyamuzi’s letter to the IGP.

However, it is known that the mandate to deploy on account of disagreement is on the IGP. One has to write to the IGP requesting for deployment. The IGP assigns Director for Operations, who then handles it together with the Director Legal. Lukyamuzi’s deployment means that he is above the IGP.

The Land

The said land has, however, since been declared by court to be owned by Nabitosi Alice and Ssemakula Yusuf.

In fact, court went on to order police to protect lawful occupants/bonafide occupants (Nabitosi and Ssemaula) against land grabbers.

On March 1, 2022, Internal Affairs Minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire wrote to the IGP ordering him to protect Nabitosi and Ssemakula and their property from threats of actions and evictions.


Otafiire’s letter to the IGP

We have learnt that Otafiire’s letter was prompted by that from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.


Lands Minister Judith Nbakooba’s letter to Internal Affairs Minister.

Since Nabakooba’s letter to Otafiire, a number of orders have gone to territorail commanders to make sure that lawful owners of the contested land are protected.

Director Operations AIGP Edward Ochom’s letter to FFU commander ordering him to deploy on the said land an protect bibanja interests.

IGP’s letter to KMP Commander ordering him to ensure that land grabbers including Namukasa Hasifa and Winnie Tugume are prosecuted.

Kira DPC also wrote to the RPC KMP East noting that all correspondences confirm that Ms. Nabitosi Alice and Ssemakula Yusuf own kibanja on the land comprised in Block 185 Plot 385.

Sources now wonder whose interest Lukyamuzi is out to achieve, even when he is going against a court decision.

Lukyamuzi is however not new in the land matters.
In November last year, the Administrators of the estate of the late Nekemia Masabo Lwanga Sempama of Nkuma Bufulu Zone in Entebbe petitioned the Director of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) accusing Lukyamuzi and his bodyguard over misconduct. The petitioner accused Lukyamuzi and his bodyguard of malicious damage to property, assault and disobeying a court order. According to the petitioner, Lukyamuzi approached them an asked them for land in exchange for protection from imposters and land grabbers. The land owner reportedly declined to take Lukyamuzi’s demand, something that did not go well with the army officer. On November 29, 2021, Lukyamuzi and his bodyguard and 20 hooligans are said to have raided the land and removed all the markstones and fencing poles from the deceased’s land measuring 3.5 acres.



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