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UPDF Generals Under Probe Over Kaka Subversive Links

Two UPDF Generals have been placed under silent probe and 24 hour surveillance after information leaked that they have been working closely with sacked ISO Boss Col Kaka Frank Bagyenda as he conducted his subversive activities with the neighboring Country, Spyreports has exclusively established.

The Generals, whose particulars cannot be revealed now as the probe is still going on, are close to the President and participated in 1981-86 guerilla that brought this government to power. However, our inside sources say one hails from the western part of Uganda while another comes from the Central / Buganda Region.

Yesterday, Spyreports reported how President Museveni over the weekend shocked the nation when he sacked Kaka as ISO boss without prior notice and even with no official message as it has always been in security.

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Intelligence sources revealed to us that prior to Kaka’s sacking, a confidential and reliable report that was complied by intelligence officers was handed over to the President pinning Kaka of subversive activities in the neighboring Country and giving false information to the President.

According to inside security sources, the confidential report was given to President in May this year and a team to probe the report was also instituted and the President tasked the team to give him a report in two months to allow him make the final decision on Kaka.

Security sources further revealed to us that the trusted team confirmed to the President that the confidential report was true. During their probe, it also discovered that Col Kaka was actually working to some UPDF high-ranking officers in his subversive activities.

Insider security sources revealed to us last night how sacked Kaka and the under probe generals have been forging technical evidence to support their fake reports pinning some individuals in security and later hand over them to the President.

ISO sources added that Kaka was using Simon Peter Odongo the former IT Expert in ISO to do the technical forgeries and when the pair fell out, Odongo was arrested and malicious charges were placed against him. “When Odongo was arrested by CMI he revealed all the dirt he was doing on orders of Kaka and two UPDF Generals,” says another ISO inside source.

Sources say when Odongo was still behind bars, Kaka and one General visited his family twice and his wife was given shs 5m to compel Odongo from revealing the secrets and the General promised the wife how her husband would be released from CMI custody.

Security sources added that the General later called CMI and SFC officers to go slow on Odongo issues claiming ISO was handling them. Sources say at one time the General threatened to arrest Col Don Mugimba who was heading investigations.

Intelligence sources have also confirmed to us that the probe team is also finding out why Kaka and General blocked some public and members of Parliament to access the safe houses where some of their relatives used to be arrested.

“Kaka and UPDF General had turned safe houses as torture chambers and also used them to do their subversive activities and this could be the reason why they blocked MPS and other members of public to access them,” says another source.

Insiders say the probe team is also finding out why Kaka and the General have been protecting fake gold dealers especially from the neighboring Country on the expense of cheating true Uganda gold dealers.


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