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Don’t Dare Go To Court- M7 Orders Lost NRM Ministers


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who was recently elected for the six term in Office and also the Chairman of National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party has ordered all party Ministers and other Members who lost their Parliamentary seats in the recent concluded 2021 elections to opposition and Independent leaders to accept defeat than heading to courts of law for petition, Spyreports has learnt.

Inside sources from NRM Party told us that Furious President Museveni ordered Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba on Sunday to block any NRM member who lost his or parliamentary seat from going to courts of law as many had suggested.

“I don’t want any court petition from any NRM Minister or leader. Those who lost should accept defeat and go back on the ground, going to court would be wastage of time and money for the party,” a source from NRM quoted President Museveni ordering Prime Minister on phone.

Security sources say President Museveni was informed that all the lost Ministers and other NRM Members never went on ground to look for votes but spent most of their time in Kampala hotels wasting NRM money.

“Most of the lost Ministers campaigned in Kampala and on phones rather than going on ground to look for their votes. Most of them held meeting in Kampala hotels with few people while others would campaign on phones,” says one of the Top NRM leaders.

The leader further says their failure to reach on the ground gave support to NUP leaders who were on the ground. “NUP leaders went on the ground and campaigned without any competitor and they won the hearts of the voters and that is why they swept all Parliament seats in Buganda region,” says another leader.

Another party boss says NRM members who went on the ground managed to retain their seats. “If you see regions like Western, Northern, Kasese NRM won highly because leaders were on ground and opposition had no chance to win,” he says.

Sources from NRM party further revealed to Spyreports that President Museveni also ordered all lost NRM Ministers to go on public Televisions and Radio stations and accept defeat and congratulate the winners. “When they were seeking for votes, they used Televisions and Radio stations so they must use the same mechanism to accept defeat,” says tough President Museveni during a telephone conversation.

Intelligence sources from NRM Party say after receiving orders from President Museveni on Sunday, Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and NRM Secretary General Hon Kasule Lumumba rushed and held separate interviews on NBS TV and Bukedde TV respectively.

Kasule Lumumba while conducting her interview on Bukedde TV accepted defeat in Buganda Region. “It is true National Unity Platform (NUP) which is headed by Robert Kyangulanyi defeated NRM and President Museveni in Buganda Region but our Party President won the final elections so as NRM we are happy,” says Kasule Lumumba during interview.

Lumumba further said that NRM lost almost 99% of the Members of Parliament to opposition candidates and especially to NUP. “We managed to get less than five Members of Parliament from Buganda Region which has never happened but as NRM we accepted the defeat but we are going to find out why we terribly lost in Buganda,” she said adding that NRM did not get Zero votes on any polling station in Buganda.

Prime Minister Rugunda while appearing on NBS TV said despite NRM losing Buganda Region, the party will keep working people on the ground to ensure development reaches them.

By yesterday over six NRM Ministers who lost their parliamentary seats to opposition and Independents had publically accepted defeat on Television and radio stations as ordered by the President on Sunday.

Among them who went live on Television and accepted defeat included Hon Amelia Kyamadde Minister for Trade, Hon Mwesigwa Rukutana State Minister for Gender, Hon Ssempijja Vicent Minister for Agriculture, Rosemry Ssendinde State Minister for Education, Hon Ruth Nakabirwa Government Chief whip.

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