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IGP Ochola Tells Terrorists: We Are More Prepared This Time

By Chief Spy Reporter

The Inspector General of Police Martins Okoth Ochola has said that whereas the Force is faced with the challenges of domestic extremism including the emergence of a new rebel group “The Uganda Coalition Forces of Change, (UCFC), seeking to exploit the festive season, the joint security is more prepared this time.

In his Christmas message on Ochola said that although these festive threats exist, the Joint Security Agencies are more than prepared this time round and dedicated to combatting all security related and violent crimes targeting the Ugandan public and visitors to the country.

“As you have already witnessed so far, we have been able to disrupt and dismantle several ADF terror cells in the country and intensified operations along our boarders to prevent illegal crossings, jointly pursued perpetrators involved in terrorism financing, incitement, mobilization, recruitment and radicalization of vulnerable Ugandans.  We jointly, managed to arrest several agents, collaborators and operatives linked to these acts of domestic terror and violent crimes like the machete wielding assailants in the Greater Masaka.  Some of the terrorists were eliminated during our counter-terror operations, while four suicide attackers got killed,” Ochola said.

I therefore, he added, “want to use this opportunity to thank Ugandans for rejecting terrorism in all its forms in exchange for our fundamental values of liberty, humanity and freedom.”

Ochola said that as the Joint Security Agencies, “we have worked hard throughout the year in dealing with the other crimes as well.  Again, this year, we anticipate a further reduction in crime, across key categories including organized crimes, burglary, robberies, cattle rustling, theft of motor vehicles.”

He however said that there is a prevalence of cases of domestic violence, for which he said “we are going to re-engage with all our communities and work with them in protecting all vulnerable people from those who victimize them.”

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