M7 Orders Massive Reshuffle In Police As Top Bosses Face Knife

President of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of Armed Forces has instructed the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola to make a massive reshuffle in Uganda Police Force as the Country prepares for the hot elections scheduled for 2021, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Security sources told us that President Museveni ordered for massive reshuffle in police after he was briefed that some operations Countrywide had slowed which has made an increase in general crime.

Insiders in security further intimated to us said the Head of State was also told that police now days take longer to respond to emergencies like fire, accidents, mob justices among others.

“If police was vigilant as they used to be, the Masaka incident where a boda boda rider burnt him self at police station would not have occurred. That incident showed how slow police officers are in responding to emergencies,” a security source was quoted telling the President in one of the recent security meetings.

Another security chief informed the President Police Operations countrywide have slowed as commanders fail their roles in operations. “If you see current operations of police are handled by low ranking officers and at times they mess up due to lack of experience and this has damaged the image of the institution,” another security chief was heard briefing the President.

The Security Chief added that since Covid19 started, senior police officers and commanders have abandoned the operations. They just reach offices past midday and 4:00pm, they are out to conduct their personal businesses and leave all the activities to their juniors.

The Security source adds that the President agreed with what his security chiefs told him. Insiders say President the slowness in Police starts from top leadership.  Insiders in Security added that the President refused to renew the contracts of some Police Directors because they had failed their duties.

Sources added that after the meeting, President called IGP Ochola and instructed him to make some changes in top police leadership to make sure the operations are conducted well as we head to 2021 general elections.

Sources from Naguru told us that shortly after Ochola received instructions from the President, he called his Deputy Sabiiti Muzeyi for the way forward.

Insiders in police say Ochola and Sabiiti accepted to make an over haul in police starting from Police Directors and commanders especially in Kampala Metropolitan. “This coming reshuffle will take some top police Directors and other police Commanders and heads of department especially from Kampala Metropolitan,” says a police source from Naguru.

The source further says officers who have just graduated from Bwebbajja are expected to take office in Kampala very soon.

Last Week, President Museveni shocked the Nation when he abruptly reshuffled top UPDF Generals where some lost their juicy positions.

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