Millions Lost In Mbarara S.S.S Fire

Millions of shillings are reported to have lost in Friday fire at Mbarara SSS.
This as the the territorial Police of CPS Mbarara is investigate circumstances under which a fire gutted Nyerere House a boys dormitory that housing 78 senior one and senior two students at 0945am in the morning while all students were on assemble for an administrative address.
According to Regional Police Spokesperson Samsom Kasasira, the Police Fire brigade was able to get there in time extinguishing the fire stopping the spread of fire to other dormitories nearby
However,he said that some of the property that includes books, mattresses and beddings were totally destroyed by the fire but “fortunately no student was affected in the fire.”
The day students have been sent back home to help decongest the school for safety purposes, Kasasira said.

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