Nabakooba To Surveyors: Strengthen Internal Controls On Individuals Going Against Your Values, Principles

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Judith Nabakooba has challenged surveyors to strengthen their internal controls against individuals going against their values and principles.

“I want to challenge you to strengthen your internal controls especially against those individuals that are going against your values and principles,” Judith Nabakooba said while launching the pre-AGM Conference 2022.

According to Nabakooba, it was an opportunity to speak to the surveyors and reflect upon the important role surveyors play in Uganda’s development agenda.

As a Ministry of Lands and Urban Development, she said the mandate is to ensure rational and effective use of land and orderly development of urban and rural areas.

However, she said the ministry cannot realise this mandate without the important role of Surveyors.

“It is therefore important to have these regular interactions that strengthen and improve our working relationship,” she said.

The Theme of the conference is Sustainable Urban Development, the Role of Land and Built Professionals. Nabakooba says this theme speaks highly of what is happening everywhere.

“We need to work smartly while utilizing new knowledge and innovations that will ensure safe and clean practices that are sensitive to our environment.

The NRM Government is committed to achieve Vision 2040; which seeks to transform Uganda from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country by 2040. To achieve this Vision, the Surveyors and the Built Professionals must be at the center of all discussions in key sectors such as infrastructure for energy, transport, water, oil and gas. We want you to speak out loudly and advise us on how to build smart cities, technologies that infrastructure that relies on green and renewable energies. Show us how communities can build cheap and affordable environmentally friendly houses,” NAbakooba said.

Currently, Nabakooba says there are so many people without a place to call home yet access to a home is a fundamental human right.

She adds that it is for this reason that the NRM government is working hard to ensure that every Ugandan especially our people at the grassroots are able to secure their tenancy rights.

“The role of surveyors is key is this effort of securing tenancy rights for everyone especially the bibanja owners,” she noted.

However, Nabakooba says that she is also disappointed.

“I have witnessed several cases of fraud, attempts to displace communities and villages from their ancestral homes by forging land titles and all other forms of corruption. Unfortunately, in all these cases, Surveyors have been involved all throughout. Surveyors it has been reported are involved in the rampant encroachments on public land and protected areas such as forests and wetlands. The Ministry is carrying out internal audits to cancel titles that have been issued to individuals or institutions in protected areas,” Nabakooba noted.

She used the opportunity to remind surveyors about their professional role and importance to Uganda.

As a Ministry, Nabakooba said, “we still value and recognize your important role.”

For example, in 2019 the section of valuation was upgraded to a full Department of valuation with the objective of streamlining the Valuation services offered by the Ministry, all which will contribute to growth of the profession.

She said there is also the Valuation Bill being crafted to further streamline the Valuation profession.

“I am optimistic that the same kind of growth will expand and improve the Surveying professions that include Quantity and Land Surveyors. The Ministry will continue opening its doors to discussion in an effort to improve this core sector of Surveyors and Built Professionals,” she said.

Minister Nabakooba who also represented the Vice President at the luncheon read out Jessica Alupo’s statement.

In the statement, the Vice President asked surveyors

to emphasize issues of professional development and institutional development  during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) next year.

“I strongly believe that specific knowledge on issues within your industry will go a long way in empowering you to perform better. The Institution of surveyors in Uganda (ISU) should take particular interest in on-going training and skilling of its members so that they remain competitive in the Uganda market and internationally,” VP Alupo said.

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