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Ochola Removes Traffic Road Blocks on High Ways As Corruption Ravages Traffic police

Inspector General of police Martin Okoth Ochola has instructed the directorate of Road traffic and safety reduce traffic road blocks on major highways in the country in a move aimed at reducing corruption in the department.

This follows after the complaint by president Museveni at the anti- corruption week held at Kololo airstrip where he mentioned traffic police among the most corrupt agencies in the country.

Now, IGP Martin Ochola to save his job has put interventions in place to streamline the operations of traffic police in the country through redesigning fika salama operations.

According to a confidential statement directing all traffic commanders, along northern route, only Matugga Corner –Kamudini are the only check points expected on the route and others have been removed.

Along Eastern route, Kampala to Iganga are the only road blocks retained, on Hoima high way, no check point is allowed, on Mityana high way, Buloba-Mityana is the only allowed check point and others are removed.

On Western route, traffic check point is only allowed at Kampala-Kinoni in Lwengo and the rest have been removed.

Ochola says the retained check point must operate strictly during day time between 0600hrs and 2000hrs.
Traffic Police officers have always been accused of corruption on major high ways through staging illegal roadblock and extorting money from unsuspecting drivers.

President Museveni last year also ordered the removal of traffic road blocks on highways, which he said are erected with the intention of collecting bribes from motorists.

Last year, more than 700 traffic police officers were ejected from the directorate over allegations of corruption.
Many affected were traffic officers on roads in Kampala Metropolitan police area and on the key highways of

Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara, Kampala-Jinja-Malaba, and on Kampala-Gulu.
Road accidents on the country’s highways have increased after a slump following a relentless traffic operation dubbed Fika Salama (arrive safely).

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