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Plans to Have Kaka Arrested Finalized

Security has finalized plans to have former sacked ISO Boss Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda arrested and charged before military Court Martial with several military counts that involve torture, missing guns, subversive acts among others, Spyreports has established.

Last week spyreports broke a national security story why President Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of Armed Forces will arrest and charge former ISO Boss Frank Kaka.

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Insiders in Security revealed to us last night that the final plan to arrest and charge Kaka was sealed on Wednesday during a joint Security meeting that was held at head offices of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) in Mbuya a Kampala Suburb.

According to CMI Sources, the tight security meeting was chaired by Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi and attended by several high-ranking army officers who include Maj General Abel Kanduho CMI boss, Col Katungi head of Military police, newly appointed ISO boss Lt Col Oluka, Officials from Special Forces Command (SFC) among others.

“CDF spent the whole day at CMI offices in Mbuya chairing the meeting and the main topic was about what next for Kaka,” says a security source.  He however says the meeting was only attended by high-ranking security officers and what ever was talked remained a secret.

The source says CDF would move out as he briefs the President what was being transpired in the meeting. “I cannot tell you what was discussed in the meeting but among the issues was the next step for Kaka which is nothing else but to arrest and charge him,” says another security source.

Insiders in security say CDF was annoyed to hear that Kaka failed to hand over office officially, after he was sacked. “Why is that when security officers are given appointments, they jubilate and want the public to know but when they are removed from office they fail to hand over. This indiscipline must stop,” a source quoted CDF Gen Muhoozi fuming after the meeting.

Sources say Kaka has been put on 24-hour surveillance by security to make sure he remains in the Country and all his communications are being monitored.  Kaka becomes the second ISO Boss to vacate the office without hand over.

In 2002, when Gen Henry Tumukunde was sacked as ISO boss and replaced by Col Elly Kayanja he refused to hand over office claiming he could not give the office to his Junior. Kayanja operated in the corridors until Gen David Tinyefuza aka Sejusa vowed to arrest Tumukunde and later forced him out.

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