Shut Up Or Return To Jail, Court Orders Nadduli’s Son, Granted Bailed

National Unity Platform (NUP) prominent figure in sowing hatred against the Banyarwanda, Jakaana Nadduli has been ordered to desist from slanderous talk against Banyarwanda as he was ordered to pay a Shs. 5m cash bail at Luwero Magistrate’s court today.

His two sureties were granted Shs.10m non cash bail.
Jakana has been on remand at Butuntumula Prison, Luwero district for the two weeks after his arrest on charges of cyber related crimes, inciting violence, sowing sectarianism and hate.
His arraignment in court should be a lesson to others with whom they are like minded, Abavandimwe Community Chairman, Frank Gashumba said on Wednesday after the court session.
The Community for Abavandimwe reported Nadduli, a radical extremist after a series of broadcasts via various so iak media platforms.
As one of his bail conditions, court has ordered Jakaana Nadduli never to make any statements that incite violence and promote hate on any media platform against the Banyarwanda.
“We reported him to CID because we wanted him punished through the law. His statements are deliberate to promote hate, violence and genocide. We shall not look away at whoever incites the public against us,” the chairman community for Abavandimwe,Frank Gashumba said.
Gashumba added: “We hope he has learnt some lessons at the University of Understanding where he has been kept for some days, and we shall keep monitoring him should he break the bail conditions. To all those who are like him, you should play mature politics, where we tolerate those we disagree with. Let’s promote a competition of ideas rather than hate, malice and insults” Gashumba said.
At least 100 members of Abavandimwe community led by their chairman Frank Gashumba attended the court.
It should be noted that the actions of NUP leader Bobi Wine during and after the arrest of not only Nadduli but also other peddlers of hate including Tracy Bobiholic makes Bobi Wine an accomplice in the ongoing sectarianism.
Last week during the first appearance of Nadduli in court,  NUP secretary general, Lewis Rubongoya and Bobi Wine’s body guard Eddie Mutwe attended court.
According to Gashumba, Bobi Wine and others should know that the Constitution that legalises his NUP Party, is the same that legalises Banyarwanda as the 23rd tribe in Uganda.

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