Trigger Happy Police Boss Charged, Disarmed

A team of detectives attached to Professional Standards Unit (PSU) on Monday arrested, charged and disarmed Asp Ivan Karega the officer in charge operations at katwe police station.

ASP Karega last Thursday put his junior officer Alex Katungi at a gunpoint after the pair clashed over free police parking place.

Asp Karega was arrested on Monday morning  by SSP  Ashraf Seiko Chemonges the head of Alert department  and taken to police headquarters in Naguru where he recorded  statements, charged and ordered to hand over his gun as investigations go on.

On Thursday last week, Spyreports broke a story on how Asp Ivan Karega while on duty at Katwe police station, put his junior officer Detective Alex Katungi on gunpoint and ordered him not to park his vehicle inside the police station.

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According to spies at katwe police, Karega’s arrest came after IGP Martin Okoth Ochola ordered head of alert unit SSP Ashiraf Chemonges to investigate what happened and produce a report.

After receiving orders, Chemonges  rushed to Katwe Police Station and reviewed the cameras and found out that Karega was arrogant and behaved unprofessional.

“Afande Chimonges came, entered in our camera room and viewed the CCTV footage and indeed got convinced that Karega acted unprofessional and he immediately ordered for his arrest and took him to Naguru police headquarters,”says our spy .

Our spies also revealed that professionally standards unit PSU has also opened cases on the officer and both files are moving together to have him charged accordingly.

Our spies added that SSP Chimonges and his team have started investigations against the officer by recording statements from police officers who were operating the quarter guard.

Police officers at Katwe say this is the third time Karega is putting people on gunpoint. Police officers have also told us how Karega is a drunkard officer and how he comes to work while drunk. Officers further allege that he might be taking other substances that make him to be high in minds.

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