IGP Orders CID Boss Arrest Over Office Burning

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has ordered for the arrest of head Criminal investigations (CID) of Katwe Police Station ASP Rukundo Gloria to account for what happened behind the burning of her office where shs 80m and sensitive criminal files including Nagirinya murder file went missing, Spyreports has exclusively established.

Insiders in police say tough IGP Ochola also ordered for the fresh investigations of the fire saga after he was informed that some lope holes occurred during the course of investigation.

Last week on Sunday, Police officers attached to Katwe police station woke up in shock when they found the office of CID boss ASP Gloria Rukundo was burnt and money stolen. The cause of the fire is not yet established but sources say it was not electricity. Some officers say it might have been either petrol or paraffin but others are still refuting the claims as a hoax.

Sources with in Police say when the tragedy occurred, IGP instructed Director CID AIGP Grace Akullo to form a team and investigate the matter and later give him a report shortly.

Sources based at Kibuli told us that investigations were conducted and actually seven low ranking officers were arrested on Friday pending investigations and prosecution. However, other inside sources added that IGP trashed the report that was tabled before him saying many lope holes occurred during investigations and that is when he ordered for fresh investigations and arrest of CID boss Rukundo Gloria.

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Sources revealed to us that IGP also directed the investigating team to find out why only one drawer of the cabin that contained money worth shs 80m and sensitive money was the only one burnt.

“If the cabin had four drawers how come it was only one in the middle that got burnt? Why not the whole cabin,” a source quoted another top police boss saying. Sources added that investigators were also tasked to find out if the cause of fire was petrol or Paraffin, as Rukundo claim and  why  other properties in the office were not burnt.

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“If you pour petrol or paraffin inside the locked office and later set it ablaze it bursts and everything inside must get burnt and this is not the case in this fire,” says another investigator.

The source  says that Rukundo had old wooden chairs, carpets, curtains, fan, books, files among other things in the office but none of them got burnt. The burning only targeted where money was kept.  “If it was petrol or paraffin all those things would have been burnt to ash. The fact that they were not burnt, the fire was planned and the OC CID must be held accountable for the cause,” says another top police boss close to IGP Ochola.

Others sources say IGP also wants to know why Rukundo Gloria refused to come when she was informed that her office was burning yet she had locked it and went away with keys. “This lady stays in Zanna just few kilometers away from Katwe and when her juniors informed her that the office was on fire, she refused to come meaning she knew the whole deal,” says another police officer adding that any responsible CID should have come immediately after knowing that her officer was burning.

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Insiders  further say that two days before the office was burnt, its alleged that Asp Rukundo  instructed one of her detectives to pick shs 200,000 from the drawer which she claims was to purchase stationary. “Why did Rukundo Gloria turn her office into the bank yet as CID she has no right to kept exhibit. Police has exhibit store, why did she fail to use it,” adds another officer from Kibuli.

This is not the first time police officers steal money and later set offices on fire. Around 2015-16 police officers attached to Old Kampala Police also stole money from store and later set it on fire. The head CID by then Wilberforce Wanyama was sacked after investigations.


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