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“You Will Regret Why Your Mother Gave Birth To You” Ochola Warns Rioters




The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has warned people planning to cause chaos during next week’s general elections that they will regret the day they were born.

“Whoever is planning to cause trouble during elections will regret why his mother gave birth to him” Ochola is quoted saying.

The IGP made the revelation on Friday while addressing the media about the general security ahead of elections a the police headquarter in Naguru.

The police also alleges that there are a number of political candidates telling the public to stay at the polling stations even after casting their votes.

The EC and the police have recently told the public that no one should remain at a polling station after voting. They urged people to leave polling stations and go back to their home and wait for results from home on radios and televisions.

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