Security Chiefs Conned Millions in Crypto Digital Coin Business

Top security chiefs across all security agencies are crying buckets of tears after landing on information that they have been conned millions of shillings via Crypto digital business an online company, spyreports understands.

The online Company, which has made Security chiefs lose their millions of shilling that they saved for decades of years, was started by one Fred Ntabazi a self-proclaimed Bishop.

Insiders in security say Bishop Ntabazi was introduced to president Museveni by one of his super ministers as a genuine man who has come to do online money business, an ambassador of one coin digital currency in Uganda and he intends to boost lives of many Ugandans through his business.

Sources say, President  Museveni accepted and allowed him to operate his business in the country and he  started digital businesses  that include  Crypto Digital Coin, crypto digital Academy and opened up a church at Padre Opio building on Lumumba avenue.

Security sources revealed to us that after Bishop got full authority to transact digital business by President Museveni, he convinced his followers that included security chiefs, city tycoons to join him.

It is alleged that last year in August, he started  Forex  bureau business where he told his clients to invest shs 10- 100M where he will be giving them 10% profits after every 48 weeks.

According to our sources within security , over 40 high ranking officers from different security agencies  sold their assets while others got loans from Banks and invested in crypto Digital Coin company  with high chances of getting early profits in a short period of time.

Sources say Bishop first paid them their interest for four times which made security chiefs to believe in him and pursued their colleagues to join him. “After receiving hundreds of millions from security chiefs and city tycoons, he went silent and pulled down all is digital businesses.

However, security chiefs realized that they were conned after lawyers representing Bishop Fred Ntabazi went to court and secured an order declaring him and all his companies bankrupt so that nobody should demand him and his company any money.

“The guy has really eaten clean money from security guys because he knows very well that no security officer can go to court because they were dealing in fake business,” says our source close to some security officers who are victims.

Sources added that the self-proclaimed Bishop is being demanded money worthy shs 10.9Bn.

Bishops’ victims have opened cases against him of obtaining money by false pretense, fraud, theft and many others at different police stations.

Sources say, the conned security chiefs have started hunting for the Bishop undercover to recover their lost money.

This is not the first time sharp Kampala people con security chiefs of their money. In 2014, a city businessman Ronald Muramuzi conned security chiefs over shs 5bn via telex free Company.

Majority of the victims were from Special Forces Group an elite team that takes charge of Presidential security and other members from first Family. Muramuzi was later arrested by police, charged and remanded to Luzira Prison.

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