Panic, Fear, Rock Western Uganda as NRM Incumbents on Verge of Losing Primaries

The Incumbent Members of Parliament from National Resistance Movement (NRM) the National ruling Party from Western Uganda are now sleeping under serious tension, fear and panic after  National wide research show that they are on the verge of losing their parliamentary seat to the new comers ahead of NRM primaries that are scheduled on Friday 4,Spyreports has exclusively established.

According the research that was well carried out by  various good researchers from  almost all districts across Western Region indicate that 80% of NRM Incumbents are on the verge of losing their Parliamentary seats to new Comers ahead of Friday NRM Primaries.

The NRM Constitution clearly states that if a member loses Primary seat, he or she has no right to contest an Independent candidate. The research further shows that the Incumbents who have almost lost their ground to new and fresh blood have been in Parliament for close to 30 years.

The well-conducted research has showed that in 2021 elections the similar faces that have been coming to Parliament every after five years will not be seen on the floor of 11th Parliament that will begin on 12th May 2021.

Below are some of the Constituencies in Western Uganda where research has shown that the incumbents will struggle a lot to retain their seats ahead of NRM Friday elections.

MBARARA NORTH:  This new Constituency was formed after Mbarara was given a city status. According to the statistics, the race for NRM Member of Parliament is between three persons namely Mwine Mpaka. He is representing western Youth in Parliament and a son to Hon Bright Rwamirama who is also a Member of Parliament for Isingiro North. Mpaka is facing a stiff competition from Deus Tumusiime aka Omuteganda the former LCV Chairperson for Mbarara District.

However research shows that Deus Tumusiime has got high chances of beating Mwine Mpaka ahead of Friday NRM Primaries.

MBARARA SOUTH:  This is also another constituency from Mbarara City. Insiders in NRM say that the competition is between Micheal Tusiime the current Member of Parliament for Mbarara Municipality and Ambassador Robert Lukari.

Research and statistics that has been conducted in Mbarara South show that Robert Lukari is having upper hand in winning the NRM Primaries scheduled on Friday 4. Insiders have also revealed to spyreports that Lukari is also supported by some powerful members from the first Family, which is another added advantage on his side.

SHEEMA MUNICIPALITY:  This is one of the newly Municipalities in Uganda. It was formed in July 2018 after curving it from Sheema North Constituency. According to our statistics, sheema Municipality has the hottest elections ever and that is between Minister Elioda Tumwesigye and Dickson Kateshumbwa who recently resigned his job as head of Customs from Uganda Revenue Authority to represent Sheema Municipality in Parliament ahead of 2021 elections and city lawyer David Kakukama.

According to Sheema Municipality sources, Kateshembwa was earlier called to represent People of sheema in Parliament during 2011 elections when it was still Sheema North but declined and gave chance to Elioda. Sources however say that when Sheema was given a Municipality, people again cried for Katesh to come and take over the seat.

However, statistics show that Kateshumbwa has got high chances of beating down Minister Elioda in the Friday NRM Elections. But other NRM People say Minister Elioda is also not taken for granted that he cannot win the seat but largely, Katesh is likely to win. “It is a do or die election. It has never happened in Bushenyi where two NRM big guns are fighting for the seat we are just waiting for Friday,” says another source.

RUSHENYI COUNTY:     It is one of the counties that form Ntungamo District. Other Counties are Ruhaama, Kajara and Ntungamo Municipality. According to the information obtained by spyreports, Rushenyi has the hottest NRM Primaries for the last twenty years.

This time round the battle for NRM Seat is between Minister Mwesigye Rukutana and Naome Kabasharira the former Woman Member of Parliament for Ntungamo District. Statistics show that Hon Rukutana has represented Rushenyi County since 1995 CA Elections.

“Hon Rukutana has never faced a stiff challenge in NRM Primaries for the last twenty five years,” says an NRM Supporter in Rushenyi.  However this time around he must eat his chicken if he wins this Friday election. “Naome has got the highest support from Rushenyi and has given sleepless nights to Rukutana to the extent he moves on foot at night from house to house begging for votes which he has never done,” another NRM Supporter says.

Statistics carried from Ntungamo and Rushenyi in particular show that Naome Kabasharira has got almost 70% chances of winning the Friday elections. Recently a video circulated viral showing how people of Rushenyi openly told Rukutana that they were tired of him saying that he has done nothing to them.

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